Thursday, 12 September 2013

The disaster

I never see her in rest
But she was not restless
She was running and running
Since thousands of years

She was silent through out the years
I heard and read her name in books
I would say,she is a colorless beauty
so many people visited her
even i have seen her once
And touched her feet

She had lakhs of fans from India and abroad
She never stopped in her life
She was running,and running
People says,she is sacred
People says,she is goddess
People says,she will wash their sins
When they touch her

She was born to a God called "Shiva"
She has a son called "Bhishma"
She is a goddess to indians
She is the sacred river called "Ganga"

But June 20th was a dark day for her
She was dancing drastically
yes,it happened to her
The flood and landslides
More than 600 people died
And thousands flee their homes
We called it as a "disaster"

I don't know why did it happen?
But this was a heart breaking tragedy to all Indians
I pay my homage to all the victims of flood in india
I pray,it will not happen to any of the places all aroud,,,,,,

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