Sunday, 15 September 2013

The grief of july

                                    I become restless all the day  
I am afraid of nights 
The nights are endless for me   
I feel like wandering in the dark   
yes,Am alone in the way
Now i know the meaning of depression 
I see darkness even with wide open eyes  
My life is boring like anything   
I have no courage or dream to live
 I like to sleep endless hours   
But am afraid of night mares  
My life is like broken glasses 
oh,somebody help me to run through the broken glasses   
Now Waiting for a hope is hopeless for me  
 I have no more tears in my eyes 
Am depressed,depressed,depressed a lot   
I hate to live in my present  
i do love my past years  
Oh God,either give me my golden past days   
or come with me till my last

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